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The why and how of social media to promote your blog

You blog. You’re on facebook. You even tweet. How do you make all of these channels work together to communicate a strong brand? This section will address the why and how of promoting your blog once you’ve set it up and are ready to share your post[s]. Why promote the blog? Though some folks are … Continue reading

From Pushcart to Classroom: Accelerating educational access in the Philippines through mobile technology

Designing for stage, not age [Maslow’s needs typology + Purposedriven.com]

Visualizing your social networks

It’s week 7 of summer quarter. The end is in sight. This evening’s topic in the Psychology of Digital Media? Networks. We’ve moved from “psyching” sites to talking more about the sociological/anthropological aspects of social media and the web. Keywords for this evening: scale, cybernetics, nodes nodes nodes, metapattern, Fritz Heider, structural balance theory, “Pardus” … Continue reading

Get This: Crowdsourcing as Marketing Campaign

Get This: Crowdsourcing as Marketing Campaign By Sophia Agtarap Crowdsource (ˈkraʊdˌsɔːs): A common marketing practice in the age of social media; the result of lowered barriers to the production-consumption cycle in the age of DIY; a response to a weakening economy and dwindling staff; outsourcing (some say); a creator’s nightmare; the most genuine marketing tactic … Continue reading

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