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Draft #1: Twitter+Higher Education [a work in progress-I welcome comments]

Twitter: A Community Education @problogger I love Twitter because it facilitates the rapid spread of knowledge, and it connects you to new and interested ideas and people. The thing that Twitter has is a sense of community, which is very similar to that of higher education—there’s also the opportunity to engage with so many different … Continue reading

Twitter: A Community Education

Final presentation for UW Twitter Class, Summer 2009 Vertical:  Higher Education Profiled: @poweredbyorange, @asu, @asufoundation, @timeshighered, @MyCUBoulder

Profile #6: MyCUBoulder

(1) WHY this site? Because @mycubulder has a very strong voice and communicates their enthusiasm for the school brand, physical campus and people through their tweets. Its links are at times very local and regional, but consistently promote a good word about the campus and its people, and I feel like I’m having a conversation … Continue reading

Profile #4: Arizona State University [@ASU]

(1) WHY this site? ASU is one of the highest ranked higher education institutions on twitter. According to “wefollow” they are the top ranked institution with 11 new followers (at the time this was written), bringing their total to 6,651. But, it’s not just because of their numbers that I’m interested–It’s that their account has … Continue reading

Profile #5: @TimesHigherEd

(1) Why this site? One of the top profiles (based on followers) in the higher education vertical. It is based in the UK but still provides relevant links and news for the international higher education community. Interesting to see international topic trends in higher education and where the US falls in these conversations. (2) Screen … Continue reading

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