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Young World Rising: Benefits & challenges of cross-sector partnerships

Response to Salkowitz’s Young World Rising: What are the benefits & challenges of cross-sector partnerships? Technology is the only way for Africa to get rich, Herman Chinery-Hesse was once quoted [p. 185]. I suppose I hadn’t thought much of development in these terms, but it makes sense for Ghana—a country that Chinery-Hesse describes as lacking … Continue reading

Get This: Crowdsourcing as Marketing Campaign

Get This: Crowdsourcing as Marketing Campaign By Sophia Agtarap Crowdsource (ˈkraʊdˌsɔːs): A common marketing practice in the age of social media; the result of lowered barriers to the production-consumption cycle in the age of DIY; a response to a weakening economy and dwindling staff; outsourcing (some say); a creator’s nightmare; the most genuine marketing tactic … Continue reading

Blogging @Work & The Corporate Attention Economy [Yardi, Golder, Brzozowski]

The Virtual Water-Cooler: A Qualitative Study on Micro-blogging at Work

Zhao and Rosson’s description and analysis of one IT company’s micro-blogging practices strung together very nicely observations and survey results about the role of informal work communications (i.e. water-cooler conversations) in fostering collaborative work, how emerging computer-mediated communication technologies (CMC) such as Twitter are increasing productivity, the relational and personal benefits of informal communication, and … Continue reading

The Stranger reviews Twitter

My friend Sabrina shared a link to an article (by Paul Constant) with me this morning from The Stranger. It was a what is it-how to use it-who is using it-is it here to stay type of piece that got at questions we’ve been thinking about since it came on the scene–is Twitter changing the … Continue reading

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