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The why and how of social media to promote your blog

You blog. You’re on facebook. You even tweet. How do you make all of these channels work together to communicate a strong brand? This section will address the why and how of promoting your blog once you’ve set it up and are ready to share your post[s]. Why promote the blog? Though some folks are … Continue reading

Young World Rising: Benefits & challenges of cross-sector partnerships

Response to Salkowitz’s Young World Rising: What are the benefits & challenges of cross-sector partnerships? Technology is the only way for Africa to get rich, Herman Chinery-Hesse was once quoted [p. 185]. I suppose I hadn’t thought much of development in these terms, but it makes sense for Ghana—a country that Chinery-Hesse describes as lacking … Continue reading

From Pushcart to Classroom: Accelerating educational access in the Philippines through mobile technology

Collier’s “The Bottom Billion”

Collier’s The Bottom Billion: Why the Poorest Countries are Failing and What Can Be Done About It,” is really about what has to happen for the poorest nations to move past the traps that prevent them from the systemic change that needs to happen to move them out of the bottom of the global economic … Continue reading

IdeaScale: Group Polarization at Play in Crowdsourcing

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