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Social Media Meets Social Justice

You pass them on the street. You look away when they stand on the corner and hold their signs while you wait for the light to turn green. You’d rather not sit by them on the bus, and sometimes you wonder what their lives were like before you saw them. So what do you do … Continue reading

Better equipment=Better story?

I’ve spent more hours than my schedule has really allowed to search for my next gadget. Not that I have a shortage of things to work with. DSLRs. Check. Camcorder. Check. Flip. Check. Digital voice recorder. Check. iMac. Check. Adobe CS. Check. I’ve got all I really need to get going (or keep going) on … Continue reading

Another Icon, gone.

The communication that has exchanged in the past hour surrounding Michael Jackson’s (now confirmed) death is another example of the power of tweets, RTs, and other forms or short message communications. Watching the conversations flow from the citing of the same TMZ article to more and more confirmations of MJ’s untimely death was surreal and … Continue reading

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