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Mary’s Place: Helping women and children to rebuild their lives

Mary’s Place is  a welcoming and safe environment where women and children can build community, enrich their days and find resources to rebuild their lives. Advertisements

One Day’s Wages: Why you don’t have to be a rockstar to make change

What moves one to go from speaker, minister and traveler to founder of a grassroots movement dedicated to fighting extreme global poverty? Read on to meet the how and why of One Day’s Wages co-founder, Eugene Cho. Why the need to create One Day’s Wages? What moved you? The problem itself [extreme global poverty] is … Continue reading

The Stranger reviews Twitter

My friend Sabrina shared a link to an article (by Paul Constant) with me this morning from The Stranger. It was a what is it-how to use it-who is using it-is it here to stay type of piece that got at questions we’ve been thinking about since it came on the scene–is Twitter changing the … Continue reading

#UWTwtrBook topics

Based on conversations with folks as well as personal interests, here are a few (very preliminary) ideas I’m interested in exploring for the Twitter book: How are non profits and faith based orgs using Twitter to reach a.) audiences who they would like to support their mission/goals b.) people who were once connected with these … Continue reading

YouTube Reporter’s Center: One-Stop shop for Citizen Reporting

The Huffington Post just released a piece yesterday on YouTube’s latest venture–a reporting center thataims to be a one-stop-shop for people looking to learn how to report on what’s going on around them. Continue reading

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