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What’s in your toolbox? Free & low-cost communication must-haves for your org

This article was written for the Pacific Northwest Conference’s publication, Channels. To view this on their website, click here. Let’s not kid ourselves. There is way too much information out there. It’s easy to get lost, inundated, bogged down so you feel like you don’t even know how to start sifting through the barrage of … Continue reading

Latest Project [draft form]: UW Pipeline Alternative Spring Break

Pipeline Alternative Spring Break: 10 Years of Experiential Learning [v. 1] from sophiakristina on Vimeo.

Social Media + Student Engagement

Slideshow of a presentation on social media student recruitment and engagement. Audience:  Ffaculty and staff at the University of Washington.

How to sell “this” to those who don’t get it?

Context: Minute paper reflection from MCDM Research Class. How do we sell “this” (digital and social media) to others who may not get it? This is a question I’m currently grappling with at work (in higher education). The idea that communication only happens via newsletters (paper and electronic) and website updates doesn’t take into consideration … Continue reading

Pitching social media to your admins

I’m giving a brief presentation at our Communications/Advancement working group meeting. Much of it is based on a presentation done by our University’s Marketing group, but I updated the stats, as these have changed since the original presentation.

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