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Theology student seeking to understand how emerging media shapes the church, community and social justice [or vice versa]. I love to travel. And photograph. And eat. And repeat.
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What’s in your toolbox :: Part Deux

In the last edition of Channels we learned about communication tools that spanned the gamut. From electronic newsletter services to blogging and file organization, we looked at a good sampling of communication essentials. In this follow up edition, we’ll look at resources for live streaming, media editing and project management. As mentioned in part one, this … Continue reading

What’s in your toolbox? Free & low-cost communication must-haves for your org

This article was written for the Pacific Northwest Conference’s publication, Channels. To view this on their website, click here. Let’s not kid ourselves. There is way too much information out there. It’s easy to get lost, inundated, bogged down so you feel like you don’t even know how to start sifting through the barrage of … Continue reading

The why and how of social media to promote your blog

You blog. You’re on facebook. You even tweet. How do you make all of these channels work together to communicate a strong brand? This section will address the why and how of promoting your blog once you’ve set it up and are ready to share your post[s]. Why promote the blog? Though some folks are … Continue reading

Pipeline Project: Alternative Spring Break

Magazine I put together last Spring. View magazine here.

Young World Rising: Benefits & challenges of cross-sector partnerships

Response to Salkowitz’s Young World Rising: What are the benefits & challenges of cross-sector partnerships? Technology is the only way for Africa to get rich, Herman Chinery-Hesse was once quoted [p. 185]. I suppose I hadn’t thought much of development in these terms, but it makes sense for Ghana—a country that Chinery-Hesse describes as lacking … Continue reading

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