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Who do you follow and how did you find them?

Now that you’re on twitter, what do you do? How do you decide who to follow? How do you get people to follow you? There are a few approaches that I take, which I’ll detail below.

Directories & Lists

Once approach is to use lists that already exist. Examples of this are:

Twubble: Searches your friend graph and picks out people who you may like to follow.

Twellow: Directory of public Twitter accounts, with hundreds of categories and search features to help you find people who matter to you.

Wefollow: A directory of Twitter users organized by interests.

Just Tweet it: User directory for Twitter organized by ‘genre’ to allow for users to easily find other Twitter users to connect with.

TweetFind: Live Twitter directory to Find Twitter Users and Twitter Businesses.

TwitDir: Another Twitter directory that allows you to search within names/usernames, location and description. It also lists: Top 100 followedTop 100 updatersTop 100 favorite-rsTop 100 followers and the formula used to calculate the  TOP lists.


An additional approach is to search by hashtag (#). This is a little trickier than using lists such as the ones mentioned above. For some searches, hashtags are very much like keywords and I can usually search by common words in my vertical (higher education) and come up with a good list.  But, there are often times hashtags that aren’t as obvious, or hashtags created around particular events, which make it a little more of a guessing game when searching for relevant hashtags. One place you may start is a hashtag director similar to this: http://hashtags.org.

Follow the leader(s)

This may seem obvious, but why not follow the leaders? Whatever industry or brand you’re interested in, there are thought leaders who follow other leaders or interesting people/brands. Scroll through who they follow and who those people follow.  You may even find that you’re separated by six degrees or less =)


About Sophia Kristina

Theology student seeking to understand how emerging media shapes the church, community and social justice [or vice versa]. I love to travel. And photograph. And eat. And repeat.


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