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Twitter: 3 best practices


  • Have a strategy. Don’t create profiles in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media sites if you don’t know how or why you should be using them. People who find you online will expect something from you, especially if you represent a particular institution or organization. 2.0 tools are changing as fast as users and developers are able to change them, so stay in the know. Additionally, know what’s manageable for you and your organization. A component of this strategy should be knowing where your readers are, and joining them in those spaces and conversations.  (@moniguzman)
  • If you love your customers they’ll love you back and tell others (@britopian). To do this, you need to listen, communicate and respond with your followers. The success of Twitter isn’t how many followers you have or how many follow you. It’s whether or not you’re in conversation. What’s the point in chirping random tweets and links if no one cares to listen? As we learned from the Cluetrain’s Theses (19), communicate with your market directly. Don’t ignore them. Also, strike that balance between resource and talking head. No one wants to listen to a talking head (@joyrenee)
  • Keep metrics. Don’t do this because you want to see how many more followers and RTs you have than the other guy (or that they have over you), but do it because you need a baseline. Know where you are and keep track of where you’re going and how. Don’t be afraid to assess what you’re doing, especially if it helps you improve. BUT, don’t let metrics control you either. Graphs and percentages are just one (of many) assessment tools.

About Sophia Kristina

Theology student seeking to understand how emerging media shapes the church, community and social justice [or vice versa]. I love to travel. And photograph. And eat. And repeat.



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