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#uwtwtrbook role/responsibilities, take 2

I’ve been avoiding this assignment. Why? Because frankly, I’m not sure where to go with this. It’s hard to choose one or two topics I’d like to pursue with our #uwtwtrbook. I’ve revisited my first pass at book ideas and next steps, so this post covers round 2.

Because I think higher education takes a while to use platforms and tools that everyone else is using, I’m really interested in exploring what models and practices work for higher ed. Not quite sure if I’d like to look at ‘personalities’ who work in higher education–Deans, Presidents, etc. and are using Twitter, or if I’d like to study how and why departments and organizations are using Twitter to communicate their message to different constituents. Related to this, I’m still interested in this digital divide issue and how this is connected with (access to) education.

Process & Next Steps

I like Corey’s idea of documenting our work with video. Specifically, I’m interested in documenting the process we’re going through in writing this book. We have written documents with our @s and # and feeds, but since I also like visuals, I’d be interested in helping with a photojournalistic documentation of our process once we get to writing and interviewing and assembling.


About Sophia Kristina

Theology student seeking to understand how emerging media shapes the church, community and social justice [or vice versa]. I love to travel. And photograph. And eat. And repeat.



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