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10+1 to follow on Twitter

Re-post from my Twitter 09  class blog. What are 10 Twitter brands to follow and why?

  1. Social Media Today @socialmedia2day. Why? Because they’re comprised of a group of former journalists, online managers and ad professionals who are passionate about B2B and public policy. They gather bloggers from around the world to post, comment and rate one another’s blogs about media and marketing, covering all aspects of what they believe make up the connective tissue of social media from a global perspective. Oh yeah, they all convene on what they call their independent “playground. Found out about them while on Ogilvy’s Blog.
  2. Social Media Club @socialmediaclub. Follow these guys because they have connections everywhere. And because they’re made up of folks like us—journalists, publishers, communicators, artists, media creators, teachers, students and others interested in collaborating. How’d I find out about them? I’m a FB fan of the Seattle chapter.
  3. Scott Kelby @ScottKelby. Photoshop extraordinaire, gives out great tips related to photography and the processes involved. Has years of insight. A co-worker told me about him. I’ve since bought books and read blogs.
  4. Tech Crunch @TechCrunch. Since 2005, they’ve obsessed over new internet products and companies. They also strive to profile companies that make an impact in commercial and cultural spaces. Heard about these guys from a co-worker who is also into cool and nerdy tech stuff.
  5. Community Foundation @CFMT. Based out of Tennessee, this non-profit offers a “comfortable, convenient and cost-effective way to give” by “creating a giving vehicle best suited to a donor’s goals.” Good example of how an organization is addressing local (Middle Tennessee) needs through philanthropy. And, they use Twitter to do weekly giveaways to local non-profits (who choose to register in their non-profit database)! Smart strategies.
  6. Nothing But Nets @nothingbutnets. NBN is a grassroots effort whose aim is to prevent the spread of and eventually the eradication of malaria in Africa through education and by sending $10 mosquito nets to children on this continent.  It began as a venture with Sports Illustrated, the NBA, and the United Methodist Church. Today, the UN Foundation, has partnered with these groups and other multi-media and financial partners to raise awareness about this issue. Found out about them because of my involvement with one of its founding parnters–The United Methodist Church. Good example of a reason for faith-based orgs to explore using social media to promote causes. The stardom of Ashton and Laura Seydel, Ted Turner’s daughter also helped, I’m sure.
  7. Kevin Hendricks @kevinhendricks. Mangages a site called “Church Marketing Sucks.” This entertains me because I’m interested in how churches are using social and digital media to a.) attract younger generations, b.) retain interest of those who use this media and are still attending the church and c.) join the rest of us who are already using this media and don’t see it going away anytime soon.
  8. Mars Hill Church @marshill. Local Seattle church that has several campuses (including a theological school). They have an online network called The City that seeks to enhance actual relationships within the church rather than encourage virtual community. Last year, they were featured on King 5 news as a church that encouraged Twittering.
  9. Green Media Toolshed @theGMT. An organization that’s attempting to strengthen the communications infrastructure for the environmental movement. They are committed to providing tools and improving the effectiveness of communications among environmental groups and the public. Could be interesting to see how this org sets up models for other non profits and advocacy groups.
  10. Social Signal @socialsignal. Vancouver, British Columbia-based team that seeks to help individuals and orgs understand their value proposition, mission, brand and audience and to translate that via social media and online communities. Do strategies in Canada differ?
  11. Cory Booker @CoryBooker. Here’s a politician/mover/shaker to follow. He’s doing some great things in Newark, NJ. Strong web presence via blog, website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.

Had to include this one from the UK’s TimesOnline of which travel firms not to follow.


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